Spark is a combination of hardware and software. The standard Spark hardware device must first be purchased for $100US + tax + import costs from one of our dealers. Also available is the hardware component of the Power Control Add-on for $50US + tax + import costs.

Please note that Spark device requires USB 3.0 or newer to connect! USB 2.0 or older will not work at all!

After you purchased the hardware, software licenses can be purchased from this page using a VISA or MasterCard. All software license pricing is shown in US Dollars.

Spark Software Suite
Includes 15 months of use. Includes R-Studio.

After 15 months, the license can be renewed for $25/month or $250/year.
64-bit Windows is required! Windows 10 x64 Professional is strongly recommended.
Software does not work offline, so an internet connection is required!

Pro Add-on License

Adds the ability to disable specific read/write heads on Seagate, WD, Hitachi, and Toshiba HDDs.
Allows generating HTML customer reports with file integrity.

Power Add-on License

One-time fee.
Activates the ability to interface with power add-on hardware, which automatically repowers drives as needed.

Total for 3 months of use:

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